05/03/2011 03:03 PM
Atego acquires HighRely
Atego, the leading independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative development tools for engineering complex, mission- and safety-critical architectures, systems, software and hardware, has acquired HighRely, a leading provider of high reliability engineering solutions, services and tools for critical embedded product and systems development.

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03/20/2011 10:42 AM
April 21 : Systems and Software Engineering Symposium - San Diego
Please join us for the Rational® Systems and Software Engineering Symposium. Learn how IBM® Rational is helping to lead the innovation agenda in product and systems development. Industry experts will discuss applying system engineering best practices with measurable benefits, and provide customer examples.

Below is just a subset of the topics to be covered: Model Based Systems Engineering and Advanced Systems Engineering Product Line Engineering - presented with BigLever Software Model Based Hardware and Software with SysML Traditional Project Management meets Agile - presented by Rocket Gang Safety-critical applications - presented by High Rely Codevelopment of hardware and software NEW - Accelerating Android mobile device development NEW - Smarter medical devices and IEC 62304 compliance NEW - Industry roadmaps for A&D and Electronics will also be presented, offering IBM’s perspective on technology trends and vision on how these will be addressed.
01/07/2011 01:27 PM
HighRely Incorporated Completes A400M Avionics Upgrade Project: DO-178 & DO-254 EASA Certification Underway.
HighRely Incorporated has successfully completed a $1M avionics software and hardware optimization activity for the new A400M cargo aircraft. Adoption of significant engineering enhancements by HighRely engineers ensured A400M success as flight testing and EASA certification is now well underway. The key A400M avionics developer turned to HighRely to optimize its avionics software and hardware development processes per DO-178B and DO-254, update avionics architecture, train 200+ engineers and managers, and improve EASA certification success for DO-178 and DO-254.

The A400M is the world's newest and most advanced cargo plane, which required similarly advanced avionics certified by EASA, Europe's equivalent of the FAA. Says a senior program manager "We were selected to provide this advanced avionics suite because of our proven world-class engineering skills. We knew we could "succeed" but we also wanted to be the best in DO-178B software, DO-254 hardware, development, verification, certification, processes, skills and schedule attainment. So a major European competition was held, and HighRely of the U.S.A. won over many household names in the technical services business. HighRely was selected because of their proven ability in DO-178 and DO-254 certification, and their ability to create winning solutions in a cost-effective manner. One year later, we accomplished our "best" objectives and the client has delivered best-in-class avionics solutions. Flight testing is well underway. HighRely was profusely thanked for their outstanding contribution in helping to attain these objectives."

Adds Mr. Reza Madjidi, HighRely Co-founder and DER: "We analyzed every process within their avionics program and recommended improvement areas for implementing superior methods in avionics life-cycle development. New releases of A400M avionics will benefit from many improvements completed by HighRely." Adds fellow co-founder Vance Hilderman "The client engineers spent over 2000 hours in HighRely DO-178B and DO-254 avionics development and project management training sessions. These were custom developed by HighRely and based upon training that HighRely's trainers have previously provided to over 11,500 engineers and managers on five continents. The attendees were quick learners via HighRely's proprietary training materials and demonstrated great skill in absorbing and deploying best practices. HighRely onsite engineers subsequently assisted with software architectural improvements and DO-254 process improvements."
09/16/2010 08:02 AM
DO-178B and DO-254 training course from HighRely set for Sept. 29-30 in Phoenix and Oct. 25-26 in England
Posted by John McHale

PHOENIX, 15 Sept. 2010. HighRely announced DO-178B and DO-254 training courses for Sept. 29-30 in Phoenix and Oct. 25-26 in Bristol, England. The courses present methods to minimize development and certification costs while achieving full compliance.

HighRely's DO-178B and DO-254 training courses emphasize schedule and cost-effective DO-178B certification; pre-release DO-178C impact analysis; special modules on DO-254 (certifying complex electronic hardware), minimizing certification costs; maximizing re-use on future DO-178B and DO-254 avionics projects; what certification really entails and how to pass audits the first time; DO-178B and DO-254 project management -- Meeting requirements and intent; DO-178B avionics software development, design, coding, and code verification techniques; DO-178B PSAC and DO-254 PHAC development -- templates and recommendations; and the top 15 DO-178B/DO-254 mistakes and how to avoid them.

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HighRely's latest release of whitepapers is included for every attendee. Their Certification Center and DER team recently completed updates to their "DO-178C Impact Analysis Whitepaper." A free copy is available to the first 100 requests. HighRely's instructors are senior, practicing avionics engineers and designated engineering representatives (DERs).

For more information contact HighRely by phone at 602-443-RELY or online at www.highrely.com.
08/24/2010 01:43 PM
RelyCHECK 3.0 is released
RelyCHECK is the most cost effective solution to conduct, manage and provide on-time delivery of DO-178 & DO-254 objective evidence for all levels of reviews. Map to any Review Process including DO-178B, DO-254, FDA, CMMI, and MIL Standard; or total customization.
09/13/2010 08:22 AM
Aldec, HighRely and Leading FPGA Vendors Establish DO-254 Ecosystem
Aldec, Inc., an EDA leader in FPGA and ASIC Verification and HighRely Inc., industry-leading DO-254/DO-178B avionics development and engineering services company, announce the establishment of a DO-254 ecosystem, including Aldec, HighRely and industry leading programmable logic vendors: Actel® (NASDAQ:ACTL), Altera® (NASDAQ:ALTR) and Xilinx® (NASDAQ:XLNX). Aldec and HighRely provide a comprehensive certifiable DO-254 solution which covers the entire front-end and back-end of DO-254 compliance requirements for any DO-254 program that requires in hardware programmable logic validation. Aldec DO-254 at-speed in-hardware verification solution has been adopted at five global avionics companies over the last nine months and helped those organizations achieve Level A and B compliance all of which included programmable logic devices. Partnering with HighRely will extend the reach of Aldec's current industry proven DO-254 compliance solution and provide customers with access to HighRely's highly popular JumpCert-254 solution which includes dedicated DO-254 RelyTRACE traceability tool, RelyCHECK DO-254 processes/checklists, DO-254 training services, gap analysis and DER certification support. Zbyszek Zalewski, General Manager of Aldec , Inc. Hardware Business Unit said, "Our end goal is to provide our existing and new customers full support of DO-254 compliant tools, training and services. We want to help and guide them to attain DO-254 compliance and certification for their DO-254 project from start to finish avoiding common confusion, pitfalls and mistakes."

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01/25/2010 12:43 PM
RelyTRACE 2.0 by HighRely Incorporated
RelyTRACE 2.0, is a customizable traceability tool dedicated to avionics RTCA/DO-254 and RTCA/DO-178B compliance. Shipping with four standard filters, virtually all formats for requirements and DO-178B/DO-254 artifact tagging can be complied with for all project phases: requirements, design, code, and test.
10/19/2009 01:44 PM
HighRely Launches New Avionics Gap Analysis for Commercial and Military Avionics
HighRely has launched the world's first JumpGap-178 service package aimed at commercial and military avionics developers. HighRely's JumpGap-178 enables suppliers of COTS avionics software and hardware to maximize leverage of pre-existing avionics including requirements, design, code, and tests. HighRely's JumpGap-178 provides the pre-packaged services including onsite DO-178B and DO-254 Gap Analysis, Training, Documents, and reverse-engineering to re-use pre-existing artifacts.
10/14/2008 11:36 AM
World's First Book on DO-178 by HighRely is now published and available at Amazon.com.
World's First Book on DO-178 Published! "Avionics Certification: A Complete Guide To DO-178B/ DO-254" now available at Amazon.
11/05/2007 02:00 AM
HighRely Sponsors the 8th Software Design for Medical Devices
HighRely, the leader in providing highly reliable embedded solutions announced its expanded 2007 Medical Device Services and Sponsorship of the 8th Software Design for Medical Devices: Learn Best Practices in Software Tools Utilization from Your Peers. Understand Important FDA Regulations and Industry Standards Affecting How You Design and Document Your Process Attain Lessons Learned from the Aerospace Industry.
12/03/2006 05:08 PM
HighRely and Engenuity Expand Partnership to Provide Automated Embedded Graphics Software Generation with HighRely's Embedded Software Services.
Engenuity Technologies Inc. (TSX: EGY), a leading provider of solutions for the development of high-end visualization and simulation applications, today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with the world’s largest provider of DO-178B and 510(k) training and engineering services in the medical device and aviation industry. HighRely Inc. Together both companies will offer an integrated suite of safety critical HMI (Human Machine Interface) development tools along with the training and services necessary for developing safety-critical avionics. This partnership will take effect today, and will consist initially of customer referrals and joint marketing initiatives with future plans of integrated product and training bundles.
08/12/2006 03:00 AM
HighRely and Polyspace form New JumpCert Partnership: DO-178B and FDA 510(k) Turnkey System.
HighRely Incorporated and Polyspace Technologies have expanded their ongoing partnership to provide the world's first fully self-contained software development/certification solution. Named “JumpCert”, HighRely and Polyspace's combined package provides all aerospace and medical device software developers with best-in-class tools and services to fully deploy critical software solutions requiring DO-178B and FDA certification.
07/17/2006 01:00 PM
HighRely Inc. Releases Insider Secret Whitepaper to Avoid DO-178B Mistakes
HighRely Incorporated has published the world's first itemization of the top DO-178B mistakes, and recommendations on how to avoid such DO178B mistakes on your avionics software project.